A natural way of descaling

Lime comes in more than 1 form and naturally has no adverse effects. This mineral goes wrong due to the industrial treatment. When the calcium molecule is pressurized and out of contact with natural influences, the form of calcium changes to such an extent that it has adverse effects on drinkability and effects on household appliances and sanitary ware. Industrial applications dealing with water must also take measures to prevent and / or periodically remove scale deposits and stress on their machines. The removal of lime from the water is called descaling. However, there is a better way to combat the adverse effects of lime. Not by removing the calcium that should be naturally present in the water, but by returning it to its natural form. Calcite is the form of Calcium that is formed after industrial water treatment. Aragonite is the natural form of calcium that has no tendency to stick and deposit or harden the water excessively. Calcite does, which significantly reduces its drinkability.

Water is the most researched substance in the world, but at the same time it is surprising how little we still know about the properties of water. In recent years, various studies have increasingly shown that the structure of water has the greatest influence on how the water actually behaves and how the substances that occur in water are expressed. The studies that have been done on lime are a good example of this. Without using physical filtering, it is the structural treatment of water that causes calcium to behave differently. The structural treatment of water is better known as the vitalization of water. The vitalization of water actually means nothing more and nothing less than influencing the way in which the molecules link together. The smaller the groups of molecules in the water, the finer the structure of the water and the better the surface tension of the water, the more life-supporting properties the water has. That is why water without this structure and tension is also called dead water and water with a good structure and surface tension is also called “vital” or “living” water.

This vitalizing of water is actually nothing new, it is more about restoring the water to its original state, as it initially occurs in nature. By looking at what is now a good quality water and how negative properties of the water itself or the minerals in the water can be counteracted, we can use the knowledge gained in recent years about the properties of water at a molecular level . By making natural influences available in technology, it is possible to restore the state of the water to its natural state at the end of the line, where the water comes out of the tap. This allows you not only to avoid problems such as hardening of the water, but also to make use of all the positive effects that the water provides when it can function at the most efficient level.

EWO's technology is specialized in vitalization and combines the most important effects of nature in one module. Once placed on the main pipe, no maintenance is required and influences of electromagnetism, vortex and information transfer are delivered to the water on a continuous basis. You actually put water back in its natural jacket upon entry, so that it shows positive effects instead of negative. Lime remains in the water, but in its natural form. The water is soft to drink, good for the skin and will not harden in appliances or sanitary ware. The effect is so great that even swimming pools can keep the use of chlorine to a minimum because of the positive influence on the microbiological system through the positive influence that a healthy surface tension has on the water. There is also little or no maintenance required on valves, because the calcium molecule behaves so differently in the natural conditions of the water.

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