On the main water supply

Vitalization on the main water supply

It is also possible to have the water immediately treated by a vitalizer (EWO Classic or EWO Dolomit for hard tap water) upon entering the home or company. This water vitalizer is then installed on the main pipe in the fuse box. This provides vitalized water throughout your home or business. Vital water supports health and prevents problems such as limescale and other deposits, but it is also better for the skin. For example, skin problems caused by showering and bathing will largely be prevented. The EWO vitalizers have been scientifically researched at various universities and the results speak for themselves.

The installation of the products is just as important as their quality. WereldWater works together with accredited installers who are trained for the installation of EWO products so that you are assured of a correct installation. If you want installation, you can indicate this as a product option with your order.


  • Reduces existing scale, coatings, mud and other deposits and prevents new deposits in the circuit. (Existing pollution in the water circuit is cleaned up within 2 to 3 months and then prevented.)
  • The lifespan of water devices such as washing machines, dishwashers and fittings such as taps and shower heads is extended (with a factor of 1.5 to 2, assuming new equipment).
  • Maintenance costs for the water circuit and associated equipment and activities are reduced by approximately 50%. Cleaning is needed less often, easier and faster. At least 50% less chemicals are needed for the same cleaning result in washing machines, dishwashers, the bucket of soapy water or other chemicals.
  • Everywhere in the house soft and full of water and because you shower with vital water, you also have noticeably softer skin and hair. (And less shampoo needed of course!)
  • Plants and flowers grow bigger, stronger, bloom more often and longer with vital water. The taste of the water becomes much softer and a bit fuller, making it very tasty to drink.
  • When used in food preparation, vital water provides better retention of flavor, texture and nutritional value.
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  • EWO Classic
    EWO Classic

    Vitalization on the main water supply - basic systemsIt is also possible to have the water treated immediately by a vitalizer upon entering the home or company. This water vitalizer is then installed on the main water supply in…

    € 785,00 € 671,00
  • EWO Classic Premium
    EWO Classic Premium

    The EWO Classic Premium is an extension of the proven EWO CLASSIC. With the Premium version you can change, improve or personalize the information content of your water yourself. This water revitalization device with removable…

    € 2.485,00 € 2.399,00
  • EWO Quadro
    EWO Quadro

    This is a water filter for installation on the main water line. This way you have filtered water throughout your home, which also protects your pipelines. The filters used mainly remove chlorine, organic compounds and particles.…

    € 999,00
  • EWO Apartment
    EWO Apartment

    For use in lease or rental apartmentsThe EWO Apartment has been specially developed for lease or rental properties where the main water supply has a central cold water shut-off valve. If this is not the case, please refer to the…

    € 1.049,00
  • EWO Dolomit
    EWO Dolomit

    Vitalization on the main water supply for hard tap waterIt is also possible to have the water treated immediately by a vitalizer upon entering the home or company. This water vitalizer is then installed on the main water supply in…

    € 1.899,00 € 1.799,00
  • EWO Magnesium Anode
    EWO Magnesium Anode

    The EWO Magnesium Anode is for the EWO Dolomit and removes excess lime from the water. This anode must be replaced every 1 to 3 years.

    For more information, please contact us.

    € 78,00
  • EWO Pre Filter (Textile filter)
  • EWO Pre Filter Cartridge (Textile Filter Cartridge)
  • Discount package: All on the main water supply
  • Total House Solution
    Total House Solution
    € 2.411,00 € 2.099,00
  • Discount package: EWO Classic system + EWO Gourmet system

Officieel partner EWO

WereldWater is an official partner of manufacturer EWO in Austria. We have access to the most up-to-date information and direct contact with the manufacturer. When you buy from us, you are assured of the delivery of a reliable product and the proper handling of all your questions and guarantees.


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