Replacement filters

For the EWO Vitality Filter & EWO Gourmet

The filters in the EWO Vitality Filter and the EWO Gourmet system will last for at least six months.

For the purification of water, the EWO Vitality Filter and EWO Gourmet use a combination of membrane and activated carbon filters from the German manufacturer CARBONIT. Via a unique and internationally patented process, the activated carbon is pressed and refined to different densities. The CARBONIT filter cartridges meet the highest requirements of the LGA and TÜV.

Filter CartridgeSpecialtyWaterflow at 4 bar
EWO PremiumAllround the standard2 l/min
EWO Premium EMAllround the standard with revitalisation2 l/min
EWO PuroAllround the standard with high water flow7 l/min
EWO Puro EMAllround the standard with high water flow and revitalisation7 l/min
EWO UltraVirusprotection1,8 l/min
EWO ProtectTop water flow with good safety33 l/min
EWO VSOpen waters, watertanks and water with high risk of pathogens 15 l/min
EWO KDFHeavy metal retention1,5 l/min
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