The EWO technology

The requirements that EWO places on products in the field of water technology are very high. All products are made from sustainable materials and give the highest possible result in water quality. All effects of EWO water technology are substantiated by university research and good references.

The basis of the EWO method

"Every advanced technology has simple principles." Nature was and remains the model for the development of the EWO method for water revitalization. The wealth of experience in the field of water research forms an important basis for the construction of the EWO devices. By combining all research in the field of structural water treatment, the best possible and natural treatment of water at a molecular level is created. Treating the water at the molecular level greatly improves the properties of the water and therefore its effects in many areas, such as human health, pipe maintenance, reducing limescale problems and improving energy efficiency in heating and cooling circuits. Vitalization of EWO takes place in 3 ways, which creates a very powerful effect in terms of the properties of the water.


Just as the water in nature swirls and turns over stones and rocks, in the EWO method water flow is directed through the built-in double helix. Decades ago, Victor Schauberger discovered that you can revitalize water through strong turbulence. This vitalization causes the structure of the H2O molecule, or the way in which the water molecules bind together, changes. This has the effect that the special and for us humans so positive properties of natural vital water are enhanced. The swirling in the systems mimics the natural flow and thus helps to optimize the molecular structure of the water.


The housing shell of the EWO devices is made of high-quality stainless steel (duplex steel 1.4462). This stainless steel is well suited for magnetization. The tap or drinking water flows through the integrated natural magnetic field. This ensures, among other things, that the lime in the water changes behavior. One and the same substance can occur in different crystalline structures. This situation is referred to as polymorphi, and applies to chemical elements or compounds. Scientific research shows that vitalizing water changes the structure of the lime in it, so that there is little or no limescale deposits and existing limescale deposits disappear slowly but surely.

Information transfer

The information water in the EWO devices, consisting of an energetic filling of the purest spring water enriched with a special combination of high-quality additives, acts on the passing water. The Law of Resonance explains it: every body has its own natural frequency, be it the human body, water or some other object. The following example demonstrates this fact: There is a bell in a room. If one were to sing exactly "his tone" then the bell would ring as its own frequency was being promoted. This law applies to everything: people, animals, plants and objects. The prerequisite for these processes is again the existence of an energy form that underlies all elements and life forms.

Water filtration

Membrane and active carbon filters from the German manufacturer CARBONIT are used to filter water. The activated carbon is pressed and refined to high densities through a unique and internationally patented process. The CARBONIT filter cartridges meet the highest requirements of the LGA and TÜV. Due to the very high density of these filters, the highest possible percentage of microorganisms such as e-packages, salmonella, giardia and also viruses are stopped. Chlorine, copper, pesticides, organic chemicals (THMs / VOCs), drug residues (pain killers / antibiotics / estrogens) and odors and flavors are also almost completely removed. Finally, the filter outputs have a patented germ protection. However, the water remains rich in important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. CARBONIT filter cartridges have been researched by several universities and have not been surpassed by any manufacturer to date.

Research results

Are you curious about more research results? View it here.

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