Drink plenty of water every day

"It is important to drink enough water!" Everyone has probably used that phrase or at least heard it. But do you also know why?

The human body

Our body consists on average of 60% water. Water is involved in all processes in the body and it is therefore important that we ensure that our water supply remains sufficiently replenished. Every day you lose about 2 to 3 liters of water through perspiration, urine, stool and your breathing. You will have to replenish this fluid through water that the body gets from food and drinking fluids. On hot days, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, when you are sick or when you exercise, you will need even more fluids. You might not think that we are made up of so much water, but this water is contained in every body cell, every platelet, and basically the rest of all parts of our body.

How much fluid does our body need?

Men need about 3 liters of fluid per day every day and women about 2.5 liters. Women have less fluid in their bodies because they generally have more fat than men. Fat tissue does not contain moisture. The fluid is distributed all over the body: about 65% is in cells and tissues, the rest in the spaces between the cells and in the blood. There are also personal factors for each individual that vary the exact amount of fluid required, but the above figures are a good guideline.

Fortunately, we already get a large part of the required amount of moisture from our food, such as when eating vegetables and fruit. Fruit and vegetables consist of about 80% water. Cucumbers, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, peppers, bananas and strawberries are real water bombs. The official nutritional advice is therefore that we should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. How much moisture you need depends on how much moisture you lose. This also differs per person and depends on the circumstances in which you find yourself. If you exercise and exercise a lot or at higher temperatures, our body needs more. With little exercise and lower temperatures, our body needs less moisture.

It is necessary to replenish what you lose in moisture. This is best done by drinking enough. But moisture is also in food. The body automatically restores the moisture balance. If you lose too much fluid, you may urinate less or feel thirsty, for example. Whatever moisture leaves the body must be replenished. An easy way to check that you are getting enough fluids is to look at the color of your urine. A dark orange color is not good, you want to achieve a light yellow color. You must produce a minimum of 500 ml of urine daily to be able to remove the waste products from the body. For the elderly, this is about 700 ml because the kidney function decreases.

Below you can see how to get moisture and also how to lose it.

Sources of moisture, per day
Drink: preferably 1.5 to 2 liters
Food: about 900 ml
Oxidation water: approximately 350 ml of moisture is released into the body when protein, fats and carbohydrates from food are converted into energy

Loss of moisture, per day
Urine: about 1,400 ml 
Stool: about 100 ml 
Exhalation: about 500 ml
Sweating: about 500 ml

The amounts can vary widely.

Why do we need water?

After oxygen, water is one of the most important substances in our body and fulfills many important roles every day. It counts as:

  • lubricant for the mucous membranes in our body means of transport (transport of nutrients and waste products in our body)
  • solvent (dissolving nutrients)
  • regulation of the temperature of our body
  • aid in converting food into energy
  • aid for getting healthy skin

Water and the productivity of the body

Drinking too little reduces concentration and can give you a headache. Our brains consist of almost 85% moisture. Our brain is therefore dependent on a good moisture balance. When there is 2% less fluid available to the brain, we lose our alertness and focus. We tire more quickly and are less able to concentrate. Drinking too little therefore affects our productivity. It is beneficial to drink a glass of water before performing a mental task.

Why vital / filtered water?

Due to the high pressure with which the water is pushed from the water treatment plants to the homes and the bends in the water pipes, as well as exposure to electromagnetic fields, the molecular structure of the water entering the home is damaged. Vitalization of the water ensures that the molecular structure of the water is restored and returned to its original state. This ensures that the properties of the water improve in all areas and therefore also its effects. This causes water softening and the water becomes soft, it tastes better, is easily absorbed by the body and better for the skin. The vitalization of the water also ensures that there is hardly any limescale deposits in the pipe network, in your appliances and after water use (in the shower, sink or on the tap). Because no deposits remain in the water pipes, less energy is needed to keep the water warm and you also save on the costs of hot water. All EWO products vitalize and soften the water with the special EWO vitalization technology.

By filtering water, medicine residues, pesticides, heavy metals (such as lead), hormones and bacteria are all filtered out of the water. The technology in our EWO water filters (in the EWO Vitality Filter and the EWO Gourmet system) contains active carbon in block form. Due to its unique high density, the highest possible percentage of harmful substances is filtered out of the water. The filter quality has been specifically examined for this.

Experience the benefits of pure water for yourself!

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