EWO Puro EM Filter Cartridge

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Water filtration and enlivenment

The new EWO Puro EM filter cartridge is combining water filtration and enlivenment in one cartridge

A “special clay” is used for the manufacture of the EM-ceramics, which contains the organic material of plants, which are millions of years old and are food for the EM™ Effective Microorganisms during the several month long fermentation process. Among other things EM ceramics reduces the surface tension of the water, gives off oxygen and decreases the size of the cluster structures. In this way the natural condition of the water will be restored.

The EM ceramics is “baked” into the filter cartridge during production. In this way there is a very large contact surface with the water. Together with the tried and tested filter ability, of EWO Premium filter technology provides the ideal water filtration. Pollutant retention EWO Puro EM see: EWO Puro.

This technology from Carbonit is awarded with the innovation prize of Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany) in 2002. Due to its high water flow, the EWO Puro is especially well suitable for use with water-whirlers to enliven drinking water. Activated carbon has a large surface that is often used as an adsorbent in the chemical-, pharmaceutical industry as in waste water treatment. Mainly it removes unwanted tastes and odors from gases and fluids. Produced as a sintered active carbon block in the patented Carbonit®-technology, it has scientifically proven, unique filter properties.

Hospital hygienists have documented that tap water can be a transfer medium for Legionella, Pseudomonads and fungal diseases. Scientific studies from the hygienic institute at the university of Bonn have shown that that this not only can occur in hospitals, nut also at home. In this case immunodeficient people are especially endangered. These filters can ensure protection. The capillary membrane is made of Polyethersulfone.

Service life:
The cartridge filter can be replaced after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). Basically, 10,000 liters of water must be filtered within 6 months. However, earlier change may be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. Earlier replacement is not a defect of the filter used, but an indication of increased presence of fine particles in unfiltered water.

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