EWO Energie Rod

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A vitalization method for on the go

Although the EWO vitalization method gives the water a very strong natural structure, water can still be influenced by environmental factors once it has been tapped. When you take the pure and vital water with you in a glass or stainless steel bottle, factors such as cell phone radiation and other disruptive frequencies can deprive the water of its vitality. Now EWO has come up with a good solution for this by housing the vitalization technology in a pen. This pen is made of the same north-south oriented, weakly magnetic steel containing very pure spring water in order to bring the vitality back into the water by means of magnetism and information transfer. Swirling is then done by turning eight in the liquid to be vitalized, whether this is previously vitalized water, plain water or hot drinks. The difference in taste is startling and you will taste it immediately.

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