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Vitalization and water filtration

The EWO Gourmet revitalises and filters the water and is installed under the sink. This product is easy to install and therefore suitable for everyone.

The technology in the EWO Gourmet contains activated carbon in block form. Due to its unique high density, the highest possible percentage of harmful substances is filtered out of the water. Medicine residues, pesticides, heavy metals (such as lead), hormones and bacteria are all filtered from the water. The filter quality has been specifically examined for this.

The carbon block in the filter cartridge has a membrane size of 0.45 microns. WereldWater recommends replacing the filter cartridge every six months. The quality of the cartridge in the EWO Gourmet is so good that we can guarantee that it will last for at least half a year.

The EWO Gourmet is a combination of the best scientifically proven filter technology and the natural vitalization of the EWO Method. With the EWO Gourmet systems you can choose from different compositions:

  • Premium Basic: This module is delivered without a faucet.
  • Premium Single Series: This comes with a small new 1-way faucet for the filtered and vitalized water, in addition to your existing faucet.
  • Premium Elegance Series: This one comes with a new 3-way faucet that replaces your existing faucet. You then tap ordinary tap water and the filtered and vitalized water from 1 faucet. The supplied taps are of Italian design.

All systems include installation material.


The installation of the products is just as important as their quality. WereldWater works together with accredited installers who are trained for installations of the EWO products so that you are assured of a correct installation. If you want installation, you can indicate this as a product option with your order. You then provide us with the information below by e-mail. If you want installation by a WereldWater installer, we would like to receive photos and a description of your situation. You can email this to: bestellingen@wereldwater.nl.

It's about:

  • photos of sink cupboard / fuse box / main water supply / heat pump / boiler environment, depending on where the product is installed.
  • description of adjacent appliances (such as refrigerator) and the electrical appliances and wiring present within one meter of the location where the product is to be installed.

The costs for installation depend on the product and your situation. The hourly rate including call-out charges and VAT is € 65. This is exclusive of material costs. The installer takes an average of 1 to 2 hours per installation. When scheduling the appointment, the installer can give an estimate of the time based on the photos and description sent. The installer will invoice you for the installation work separately.

More information

For more information about the most suitable system for you, please contact us.

Officieel partner EWO

WereldWater is officieel partner van fabrikant EWO in Oostenrijk. Wij hebben toegang tot de meest actuele informatie en direct contact met de fabrikant. Koopt u bij ons, dan bent u verzekerd van de levering van een betrouwbaar product en een goede afhandeling van al uw vragen en garanties. 


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