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Vitalizer and filter to go

The EWO Vitality Filter vitalizes and filters the water and can be screwed to the faucet. This water filter is easy to install and therefore suitable for everyone. It is a flexible solution for installation on one faucet and can also be taken on a trip. This will save you tens of euros on buying bottled water. This way you have access to clean drinking water every day, both at home and while traveling.

Filter the water

The technology in the EWO Vitality Filter contains active carbon in block form. Due to its unique high density, the highest possible percentage of harmful substances is filtered out of the water. Medicine residues, pesticides, heavy metals (such as lead), hormones and bacteria are all filtered out of the water. The filter quality has been specifically examined for this. The carbon block in the filter cartridge has a membrane size of 0.45 microns.

WereldWater recommends replacing the filter cartridge every six months. The quality of the filter cartridge in the EWO Vitality Filter is so good that we can guarantee that it will last for at least six months.

Vitalization of the water

Due to the high pressure with which the water is pushed from the water treatment plants to the homes and due to the bends in the water pipes, as well as exposure to electromagnetic fields, the molecular structure of the water entering the home is damaged. All EWO products vitalise and soften the water: the EWO vitalization technology ensures that the molecular structure of the water is restored and brought to its original state. This ensures that the properties of the water improve in all areas and therefore also its effects. As a result, water softening takes place and the water becomes soft, it tastes better and is easily absorbed by the body. The revitalization of the water also ensures that there is hardly any limescale deposits after water use (for example in the sink or in devices where you use the water, such as a kettle or coffee maker).

The EWO Vitality Filter is an affordable and good water filter and vitalizer if you want to try filtering and vitalizing water and experience the particularly positive properties of vitalized water. For more information, please contact us.

Officieel partner EWO

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